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Our hair is integral to our personalities – showcasing our pride and individuality with the help of an experienced hairdresser and, when done right, hair extensions. If you’re a lover of all things different, you’re probably no stranger to the idea of using hair extensions as a lifehack for avoiding long, natural waiting times between different styles and lengths.

Of course, once you’ve spent so much time sitting in the chair, it’s only natural that you start to wonder if there’s a way to become a self-employed hair extension technician yourself. If you’re reading this and nodding along, then check out our guide to becoming a mobile extensionist, below!

Things to Consider When Setting Up a Hair Extension Business


As much as we’d love to say that every penny you earn will go into your pocket, ready to treat your family, it’s a sad part of life that everyone has bills to pay – including business owners like us. That’s why it’s essential to consider your outgoings when setting up a hair extension business.

Whether you’re thinking of going mobile or want to set up a salon – there are pros and cons to both – you’ll have expenses that you need to consider and factor into your costs. Fuel bills, gas, electric and insurance all need to be considered before going with a base price- and that’s before we even get to the cost of getting your hair extensions from a supplier and factoring in your time and energy.

We know this can sound daunting, so don’t forget to check out our upcoming blogs for more details on how to know what to charge your customers for hair extensions.


In this business, reputation is everything – after all, you’re playing with people’s hard-grown hair and making them look and feel fabulous. That’s why, at Maxwell Melia, not only do we provide top-notch training – we ensure you’re fully clued up about how to show off your masterpieces on social media and give you all the information you need to set up a hair extension business from scratch.


As we’re sure you’re aware by now, there are many different types of hair extensions, all of which require specialist training from suitably qualified teachers. Check out the best style of hair extensions for your needs – and don’t forget to check out the needs of your clients, too.

In order to provide the best hair extension service and make a living providing hair extensions, you’ll want to be sure you can provide everything that your own customers need. The most common specialisms available with Maxwell Melia include:


Hair extension qualifications seem to be everywhere but getting the right hair extension training is surprisingly difficult. You’ll be putting all of your trust and a considerable sum of money into training to be a hair extension technician, so you need to be sure that you’re getting the best hair extension training at the best price.

You should also be prepared to show off your certifications and portfolio to new customers – many of whom are putting their hair health and beauty in your hands. Luckily, we help you to achieve both, so you can really show off your new skills the second you pass our courses.

What Qualifications Do You Need to Become a Mobile Hair Technician?

As above, what qualifications you go for will depend entirely on whether you want to grab a specialist style that you’re willing to stick with – but can become amazing at – or if you prefer to offer more flexibility and a greater range to your clients. All of our course ensure that you are safe, professional and completely confident in your new abilities – the latter of which is one of the most important aspects of hair extension fittings.

We offer multi-courses that can train you in the most popular hair extensions choices that customers love, as well as single courses to help you become a pro in no time. All of our courses offer certification and we even give you all the training you need to get yourself set up on social media, so you can build a client base.

Not only do we offer all of the above for an amazing price, we even give you your own set of hair extension tools, so you can get started as soon as possible and start making money for you and your family.