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Why Choose Maxwell Melia Academy?

We pride ourselves on giving high quality training and attention to each of our students. Unlike other companies, we have intimate class sizes of less than 5 students per trainer so that we can assist each person individually. Our training sessions are always friendly and relaxed to help all students feel comfortable. All of our trainers are highly experienced and influential in their field to give you the best possible chance of success.

We are the most flexible training academy, allowing you to choose and mix our most up to date and popular methods to suit your ideal target client base. This is where we differ from other companies, who often use set packages of similar methods and increased price ‘upgrades’ for the most popular and latest techniques, rather than offering a variety with no extra cost. We also offer a payment plan system to enable you to spread the cost of the training so most of it can be paid back once you are qualified.

We are the only company to offer such a huge level of ongoing support after training. Not only can you contact us any time, but we also have an online support group of hundreds of other graduates, professionals and trainers. This ensures that you receive the most in depth and broad help available.

We have just won “Training Academy of the Year 2019”, which has been awarded to us based on past customer experiences, course content and ongoing support.

The Courses

Where is the training held?

We try to plan our trainings around 6 months in advance so you are aware when a training is coming to your area. The venue in each location is confirmed approximately two weeks before the training date. We usually hold the trainings either in the centre of the town/city, or just off the motorway, where possible.

How long is the training?

All of our training courses consist of at least one or two days practical, then live models to be completed after the course date – please see the specific course information for further details.

You will always receive the training manuals in advance so you can read and understand these before the training.

Which 3 methods are trained on the 3 method course?

We pride ourselves on being the most flexible company to suit your needs. Therefore, you can choose any three methods we teach for your Hair Extension Training.

Will I pass the course?

Maxwell Melia Academy are committed to providing five star rated training with a guaranteed pass rate. We also offer free refresher courses after the training if you do not feel confident, as well as further training and support in the support groups.

Where can I purchase the kit I need?

We provide a full professional kit worth over £150 which you can use in training and take away with you. This allows you to get started in your new business straight away. The full kit contents can be viewed in the courses section of the website.

We offer advice for recommended suppliers after your course also, so you can purchase any hair and equipment you may require knowing the quality is assured.

What if I don't get any clients?

We provide full social media training as well as marketing and advertising tips and techniques to help you get started. This will help you build your client base from the moment you leave our training. Our online support hub is also a great way to interact and gain tips from other graduates, trainers and professionals and we can provide free marketing for you on our social media also.

Can I do this course if I have no experience in hairdressing?

Yes, all of our Hair Extension courses are suitable for everyone – from complete beginners to advanced hairdressers and extension technicians looking to refresh and update their skills.

Our Hair Integration Trainings are only suitable if you’ve previously trained in a weave method or have hairdressing experience. Masterclasses are available for those who have trained in extensions but want to update and advance their skills.


How does the payment plan work?

Here at Maxwell Melia Academy, we want to help as many people as possible! Therefore, you can spread the cost of your training over one to 9 months to suit your specific requirements. This enables you to begin earning after your training before you pay back some of your course with the Payl8r option.

The payment plan is 0% interest for 30 days and then a low interest rate of only 2% per month thereafter. The Payl8r system uses a new technology called BankVision which allows us to lend based on affordability and not solely credit rating like standard finance companies. There are no early repayment fees. Any questions regarding the Payl8r system should be directed to [email protected].

If you are not accepted for Payl8r, we also have our own payment plans available, where you’d pay weekly or monthly and then train once full payment has been made. This is to ensure we can help as many people as possible.

Why does Payl8r ask for my bank details?

BankVision is a new piece of banking security technology which enables finance companies like Payl8r to lend based more on a persons affordability rather than their credit history. This means they can lend quickly and offer credit to those with a poor credit history. This step enables customers to submit their statements electronically to calculate their affordability.

All details entered are secure and encrypted so that they can only be seen by the customer. Payl8r or Maxwell Melia Academy cannot see the details you enter and would never be able to find out this information.

This technology is fully licensed and approved by the FCA. We are one of the first in the UK to use this pioneering technology and without it we would not be able to accept as many students onto the course.

For more information see the links below –


Any questions regarding the Payl8r system should be directed to [email protected].

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