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In Person Complete Training

The 4 Most Popular Hair Extension Methods

Nano Rings – Micro Rings – Tapes – Celebrity Weave

Full Kit Included

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Online Complete Training

The same 4 Method Training but available in video format to learn from the comfort of your own home.

Nano Rings – Micro Rings – Tapes – Celebrity Weave

Full Kit Included

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Online Training - Choose Any Methods

Choose any method of Hair Extensions, or build your own course with multiple methods. Online Hair Extension Training Courses available in the comfort of your own home.
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We are the most flexible training academy in the industry, making our courses more accessible, beneficial and adaptable to cater for yours and your clients’ specific requirements. Make sure you check out the full details section at the bottom of this page to see all the free extras we include!

Our courses have been developed with you in mind by taking feedback from each and every one of our students and using this information to consistently improve our training. You do not need any previous knowledge or experience in the hairdressing field to complete our courses.

Here at Maxwell Melia Academy, we do not want you to waste precious time, money and energy learning techniques that are no longer relevant or are too similar to other methods. Therefore, we only offer the most up to date and popular methods available on the market, whilst still ensuring a good variety of techniques. All of these methods are the most safe and secure techniques of their kind.

The Methods

The Invisible Weave method ensures there are no visible attachments at the base of the extensions. Our method is currently taking the industry by storm because the weft extensions are secured seamlessly using no heat, no tight braids and no glue. Instead, this invisiweave method uses attachments which are hidden inside the weave so they cannot be seen when the hair is worn down or styled up.

Similar to micro rings, but 90% smaller. These are the smallest and most discreet method available with no heat or glue. Perfect for all hair types and also highly suited to clients with finer hair.

The latest method to hit the UK market and currently very popular among celebrities. Extremely quick application and removal using small wefts taped to the natural hair. Ideal to create extra length and thickness.

The Celebrity Weave is the safest weaving method on the market whilst still being secure. The weft is sewn onto a track created using micro rings so no tight braids are necessary. This method can help to give extra thick volume quickly and easily.

Individual extensions secured using a micro ring. Now one of the most popular individual hair extension methods on the market as no heat or glue is required for this application and removal.

Individual extensions applied using keratin tips and a heat connector iron. This method is very secure and still popular among clients.

The Details

Our Complete course is the only Hair Extension course available in-person, which includes the four most popular methods in the industry. We recommend taking this course if you are completely new to the industry. A full professional kit is included, as well as ongoing support in our graduates support hub.

Our online training courses are more suitable for those who want to level-up their skills and add new methods, or for those who want to learn in a more convenient way from the comfort of their home.  All courses will provide the knowledge you need to create success in your business, including information on marketing and social media for your new business, as well as information regarding trade supplier discounts and insurance.

You will receive your manuals and theory videos to look through before the course, then you will take your practical training, followed by the completion of two live models in your own time to achieve your qualification. You will also receive ongoing support throughout your training via email and WhatsApp, as well as lifetime access to our members-only support hub after you have qualified.

On every one of our courses, you will learn how to:

  • Understand the industry and latest trends
  • Work safely and efficiently
  • Use extensions for length, thickness and different colour effects
  • Complete a client consultation
  • Understand contraindications
  • Select the perfect method and density for your client
  • Understand different qualities and textures of hair
  • Achieve the perfect colour match
  • Create new colour effects such as balayage and highlight
  • Section the hair and apply different methods safely and securely with correct tension
  • Position extensions discreetly for different methods and needs e.g. for length, volume, highlights and more
  • Use cutting and blending techniques to achieve a natural look
  • Perfectly style extensions with free tutorials
  • Safely remove hair extensions
  • Educate and provide aftercare and maintenance for your clients
  • Structure pricing and understand profit for your services
  • Launch and market your new business
  • Use social media to assist with your new business
  • Insure your new business
  • Select the perfect suppliers with our recommendations and trade discount

Cutting includes:

  • How to section for cutting
  • Removing length from the ends of extensions
  • Removing weight from extensions
  • Blending the natural hair into the extensions
  • Feathering and layering the extensions around the face
  • How to use scissors, thinning scissors and a razor comb

If chosen, you also receive a full professional kit so you can get started in your profitable business right away. Depending on the course, this may include:

  • Practice hair extensions for mannequin
  • Mannequin training head
  • Training scissor set
  • Razor comb for blending
  • Hair extension pin tail comb
  • Butterfly clips
  • Sectioning clips
  • Mini clips
  • Scalp protection discs
  • Finger Protectors
  • Micro and nano ring pliers
  • Micro and nano ring application threader tool
  • Micro and nano rings
  • Weaving needle and thread
  • Fusion heat connector iron
  • Maxwell Melia bag

At Maxwell Melia, we believe in supporting you as much as possible by sharing all our knowledge without added costs. We therefore go above and beyond to include as many extras as possible that are not included with other training providers. We want you to make a complete success of your new business.

You will also receive:

  • An accredited qualification and certificate
  • An online learning platform with regularly updated training manuals and videos
  • Consultation forms and aftercare sheets for clients
  • Training to help with social media, pricing for profit, client retention etc.
  • Tutorials for styling extensions and taking perfect photos
  • Guidance on creating colour effects with extensions
  • Advertising for your new business
  • Insurance information and business guidance
  • List of various suppliers and trade discounts
  • Ongoing support during and after your training
  • Lifetime access to our members-only support hub
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