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Have you ever noticed that people’s jobs are an important part of their identity? On TV quiz shows the contestants are introduced as “Lisa, a receptionist” as if that sums up their whole personality. It’s the same at parties, or when someone sets you up on a blind date with their friend – who happens to be a lawyer. If your career is such an important part of your life it makes sense to choose carefully!

A more rewarding career can make all the difference in the world. It’s what have you getting out of bed each morning excited for the day ahead, instead of hitting snooze 13 times. The mental health charity, Mind, held a survey last year. They found that half of the people who replied had experienced a mental health problem in their job. Half! What better reason could there be to look for a career that you love?

Here is our guide to what makes a career rewarding, and why we think a career as an extensionist could be the perfect solution.

Be empowered

Nobody likes to feel powerless and being micromanaged is a soul-destroying experience. One answer is to look for a role where you have the opportunity to engage with your boss. It helps if you can make decisions without submitting 16 forms for approval. 

Perhaps the most empowering option is to set up your own business. That truly does put you in control. As your own boss, you get to decide everything from your hours to your income. You’ll never again feel the boss breathing down the back of your neck!

Act with integrity

Acting with integrity means you can be true to your values. In some jobs, you might be expected to use sales tactics that you aren’t comfortable with. Or you might not have the authority to help customers in the way you want to. Those sorts of problems can be very frustrating and leave you feeling drained at the end of each workday.

When you have your own business as an extensionist, you decide how you want to treat your customers. You could choose to visit cancer patients in their homes. Or team up with a friend to provide childcare while Mum has her hair done. You operate your business in a way that feels fair to you. From cancellation policies to pricing, you’ll always feel good about your day’s work.

Make a difference

If you are looking for a more rewarding career, choosing something where you make a difference is key. For some people that means campaigning to save the planet, or looking for a cure for cancer, but it doesn’t have to be. Picking up litter could be rewarding if you focus on the difference you make to the people around you!

As an extensionist, you give your clients the hair they have dreamed of, rather like a fairy godmother! You give them the chance to let their personalities shine. The ability to go out into the world with confidence. Your client might give a killer presentation in the boardroom, or meet her dream man. Not a bad ripple effect!

Of course, some niches can make a bigger difference than others. We believe that starting a business as an extensionist specialising in hair loss replacement is one of the most rewarding careers there is.

Grow and develop

No matter how much you love your job, after a while, it can start to get repetitive. What was once challenging and new becomes part of the boring daily routine. You long to stretch your wings, try something different, or reach for a new income goal.

The most rewarding careers give you room to grow, and being an extensionist is no different. You might choose to study different methods and offer your clients something new. Or you could expand your business. Perhaps you’ll focus on a specific niche, win awards for your creative styles, or open your own salon. Perhaps your goal is to have a whole chain of salons! When you run your own business there’s nothing to hold you back.

Whatever you decide to do, as a Maxwell Melia graduate you have access to our graduate hub. It’s packed with resources and support to help you achieve even the most ambitious goals.

Enjoy it!

When people talk about the most rewarding careers they mention different things. For some it’s creativity, others like meeting people. Some want to work alone and be in control of every booking, while others love being part of a team. Whatever your dream job involves, you can find it as an extensionist. You can create a working environment that’s exactly right for you. Whether you choose to work at home, in a salon, or travel to your clients.

So, if you are looking for a more rewarding career as an extensionist, what’s stopping you