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Are you struggling to fill your diary in the hair and beauty industry? Even though December may be super busy, do you find that you can’t quite make your November full? Or maybe you want to start getting regular clients also year round!

When I first started my Hair Extension business from scratch, I had the same issue! No matter how much social media and marketing training I did, I felt overwhelmed and not sure EXACTLY what attracted people in the actually make that booking! Even when people sent me a message, I could never seem to convert them into customers.

Then I found the winning formula…

You need to make sure you have each of the elements below in your marketing post or strategy to convert that booking.  Make sure you read until the end to see a full example caption.

Engage your audience

First of all, you need to make sure We all know that having engaging and shareable content is key to getting more eyes on our business (more on that here).  But as well as having this continuous flow of engagement, you also need to know how to engage your audience on your “sales post” – otherwise, they will scroll right past!

  1. Make sure your image or video stands out! A photo of your product is IDEAL here – but you need to make sure it’s one that you know your audience will love! Think “wow” here, because it needs to be scroll-stopping. If you’re starting from scratch with no clients – ask a fellow specialist if you can use their image, but credit them of course!
  2. The first few words of your caption need to be engaging. What does your ideal target audience want right now? A strategy I know that always works wonders is when people give VALUE. This can sometimes be in the form of top tips. But if you’re trying to sell your product or service on this one post, make sure the value is directly associated with the product/service – e.g. an offer, discount, a transformation (before/after), or a solution to their problem!

Build the hype and excitement

This one is easy! If you’re not excited about your product or service – then why would your prospective clients be? Make sure you’re using emojis, adding your personality and building up excitement around your product. Is this product the first of its kind? Is it amazing? Why do you clients NEED this right now?

Solve a problem

This is the biggest mistake I see in marketing strategies – you don’t show your audience how your product/service can solve their problem! Describing the product or service itself isn’t enough, you need to sell the experience and “WHY”. Super quick and simple examples – I can either describe a top as “cropped white cotton top with puffy sleeves”, or I could describe this as “figure-shaping and confidence boosting – feel like you can achieve anything with the perfect outfit”. Or “individual eyelashes” vs. “save so much time not having to take off your mascara…. (etc)”. Which one would you rather buy?


Scarcity just means that there is limited availability. Limiting the availability of something forces people to get off the fence and make a decision. Even if you have endless appointments to give away – don’t tell your audience that! You could even post a second time stating that “there are now only 2 left”.

Sell in the messages

Once your audience comments or requests more information, you then need to ensure you are saying the right thing to get them over the buying line. Make sure you start a conversation first and get to know their needs – that way they won’t just ghost you once you give the full details. This also gives you a chance to understand their pain points – and give them the solution they need. You can then tailor your messages back to them so that you are really solving their problems.

Once you get onto giving the details, make sure you explain the value again! What are they getting if they take action right now, that they wouldn’t get any other time?

Example post

Here’s a quick example of how I managed to gain 8 new clients within 24 hours – all having paid deposits. You don’t need to ask for models, but this is definitely the easiest way to grab attention – as people instantly recognise that being a model means getting something at a discount (without saying those words!). I’ve added the elements above in brackets so you know what to look for. Note: I added a beautiful before and after hair extensions photo to this post too!

I am looking for MODELS for the amazing new Nano Weave 😍 (engage)

This weave is the first of its kind and I am one of the first in the world to get my hands on this! 🙊 (excitement)

Fine-haired clients – FINALLY we can say YES to a weave 🎉 (problem solved) And for those that hate the bulk and itchiness of a standard weave – this one’s for you ✅ (problem solved)

The fittings are super tiny and the weft band is the most discreet band available on the market!

I only have THREE SPACES for models available – so comment below or hop into my DM’s ASAP! 🏃🏽‍♂️ (scarcity)

Example message (after understanding their needs)

Oh my gosh this would be absolutely perfect for your fine hair it’s such a game changer! I’m actually so excited for you 🎉 (excitement and engagement again) – you’ve always wanted a weave and not been able to have one 😂 (problem solved again) the best thing is that it’s got no return fringe and the tiniest fittings so no itchiness or bulkiness either!
The cost of the weave would usually be £630 for 18″ but it’s just £420 for a full head. (explaining the value again – just give the full retail price here so you still make money for your fitting too)
I’ve only got one space left though as two have already paid deposits, so if you want one you’ll be my last! (scarcity again)

Top tip – always make sure you tell them what the price should have been. People will not understand how much value they’re getting if you just tell them the price it is now. Personally, things like “you will just be paying for the cost of the hair which is X” don’t work for me! I feel as though this is too wordy and not straight to the point. It needs to be an opportunity they cannot miss.


Selling any product or service (and getting booked up with clients) is all about mindset! If you can engage your audience by creating hype and excitement, as well as using tactics to show the value and push them into making a decision – you’ll have a full diary in no time! Once you’ve got these clients, you’ll find it much easier to spread the word and keep them – not to mention the amazing photos and content you can get for your next posts!

If you’d love more help from me or need any advice, our inbox is always open @maxwellmelia

P.S. If you’re as excited about the new Nano Weave as we are – you can buy the wefts here. Make sure you’re subscribed to our mailing list   to be one of the first to learn this new technique when it launches in January!