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It’s a bit ironic, isn’t it? You’ve spent ages wishing you could see your salon’s appointment book full, but now it is you have a new problem! You’re exhausted, working all the time, and you still aren’t making the kind of money you hoped for.

Taking on more clients isn’t an option, you need a different solution. Which is why today we are sharing our suggestions for ways your salon could make more money in less time.


When you’ve already taken the time to give a customer a fabulous new hairstyle the easiest way to add a bit of extra profit is to sell them some products. It won’t happen on its own though.

You’ll need to have a great looking display and actively tell clients what you have on offer. When you come to use a product, tell them about it as you do so. Point out why you recommend it for them, let them smell or feel a little and examine the bottle if possible. Let your customer know exactly how to use it while giving a quick demo on their own hair. Then when you’re done you can remind them of that product and ask if they would like to buy some.

Hopefully, they will love their new style so much that they’ll want to make it as easy as possible to recreate it at home!

With Hair Extensions, we all love our hair to feel silky smooth for as long as possible – and spending an extra £20 to make our extensions last a few months longer is much better than spending £100’s having to purchase hair too soon! Make sure your client’s know this. Recommend products like this Boost Mask, which makes their hair feel brand new again, or a heat and sun protection spray to reduce the daily damage.

Increase your prices

When did you last review your prices? If it’s been a while then this might be the perfect opportunity – especially with Christmas and the New Year coming up. After all, the easiest way to make more money in less time is to charge more for the work you already do! It might be that your other costs have crept up over time, leaving you with less profit. And of course, the cost of living has gone up and money simply doesn’t go as far as it used to.

It’s perfectly reasonable to put your prices up each year. If it’s been a while, you might want to take a look at our guide to calculating what to charge here.

Take on more staff

One possibility might be to hire an assistant or take on more staff if you already have a team. This could be someone to work with clients, or it could be someone to take on other tasks. A virtual assistant could take over admin tasks, for example, freeing you up to work with more clients. Even hiring a cleaner (at home or at work!) could free up your time for client work.

Having said that, there is a limit to the number of clients you can fit in a salon at any one time. If you’re already at capacity then it may not be possible to expand any further without moving to a new location. Which, of course, is a big undertaking!

High-value services

If you want to make more money in less time, one of the best ways is to look at offering high-value services. These are naturally priced higher. So you can make a much bigger profit while working the same number of hours. Hair Extensions are great for this, with fitting profits averaging around £70 per hour.

If you can be the first in your area to offer something new, you might even find that people will travel quite a long way to see you. We’ve got a little secret too – we are introducing a new Nano Weave method in January – this trademarked method will be the most discreet weave technique on Earth – and suitable for those fine-haired clients too. You heard it here first!

Hair loss replacement is also a great example of this sort of service. It’s very valuable to those who need it and not something everyone can offer. People are prepared to travel and pay quite a lot for it.

Hair loss integration is relatively easy to learn with either an online or in-person course. Not only that, it also fits in well with the other things your salon might offer. It would also give a much higher profit per hour than more common salon services. You could very quickly be making more money without having to work extra hours.

If you want to make more money without working your fingers to the bone, check out our hair loss integration courses. Adding a new service could make all the difference to your bank balance!

Quicker service time

Finally, and something I have personally mastered over the past few years, which is making your service time quicker! Clients don’t like being sat in a salon for hours on end these days – we all lead very busy lives! Clients are therefore willing to pay more for shorter service times.

I used to take around 2 and a half hours to fit a full set of Nano Ring Hair Extensions, but I now have this down to around one hour. My clients love it! Combine that with slightly increased prices, and I’m earning nearly 3 times as much per hour. Focus on one service at a time and learn new skills and techniques to become more efficient in your processes.

We often post Reels and Videos on our social media that help with these skills and techniques – go and check them out.