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You’ve done your training and got a few models under your belt, so now you’re ready to hit the market! All you need to do is set up a social media account and you can start advertising, right?

Well, you are almost ready to get started but before you go any further you need to think about branding your hair extension business. Branding is about more than choosing colours for your website and getting a logo designed, really it’s about your vision for your business.

Your Dream Life

As you build your business you’ll be creating a lifestyle for yourself, so you need to make sure it’s the one you want! Do you imagine yourself working full or part-time? Do you want a salon, or do you prefer being mobile? Do you have an income goal in mind? The answers to these questions will help you decide what sort of business you want to have and you can bear that in mind as you create your brand.

Your Dream Clients

Consider the one person that you would love to work with all the time. Do you like the fun of chatting with younger clients, or prefer more sedate conversation? Do you enjoy making sure every detail is perfect and creating a luxurious experience, or do you find that a bit tedious when you could be spending the time seeing another client?

Of course, you might say that you like working with everyone, and variety does make life interesting, but while you work on branding it’s important to narrow it down a little. You can still work with all sorts of people, but for now, have one specific client in mind.

Your Dream Business

When you put together your dream lifestyle and your ideal client you should start to get a feel for how to brand your business.

Perhaps you’ll go high end, applying the best quality hair extensions in a luxurious salon that feels like a spa. You’ll offer champagne for clients to sip and a free goody bag of aftercare products. The price will be high, but you’ll only book one client a day so that they never feel rushed. A true VIP experience.

On the other hand, you could specialise in tape weft extensions for 20 somethings and students. You’ll have a fun salon with a bouncy vibe where clients will come and go all day long in what feels like a never-ending party. Keeping costs down will make you affordable to a loyal crowd.

There are many other ways you could brand yourself, as a mobile technician you might specialise in those with medical conditions, new mums or busy business owners. You could work with brides and offer a special deal if bridesmaids want extensions as well. There are many options, so many ways that you could stand out from other hair extension businesses. Your brand will be the magnet that attracts a loyal band of followers, all you have to do is decide who they will be and what you want to be known for.