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With the beauty industry growing at an incredible rate and hair extensions becoming increasingly popular, there has never been a better time to start your own hair extension business. Follow these 8 tips to a successful hair extension business to give yourself the best chance to take advantage of these facts and build a solid, thriving business.

Have a Plan

Crafting a business plan from scratch may not sound like a great deal of fun. However, being able to show that you are taking your new career seriously is a huge bonus to lenders, banks and even other business associates. By making a detailed plan for your hair extension business, you can project your income and be ready for any instabilities or problems before they turn up.

Find Funding

One of the biggest tips to a successful hair extension business is getting some funding in place. This can either be a smaller amount to cover a short course in hair extensions, or a larger sum that is designed to provide a full salon for your new business.

Train with the Right People

Finding a quality mentor can be difficult. That’s why we only provide high-quality hair extension technicians with years of experience for your needs. These mentors should be able to provide with you detailed information about hair extensions and hair extension aftercare. Not only can the right trainer provide you with some great tips for starting a hair extension business, but they can also provide moral support and give advice when you might find yourself struggling.

Client Relationships

Without your clients, there isn’t much of a business to go on – so, always remember that your client relationships are the most important part of your business. That’s why it’s important that you treat every client with respect, compassion and friendliness. After all, when someone is sat in your chair, they are opening up a huge part of themselves to you. Not only are you likely to become good friends over time but you’re being trusted with their image – talk about having a big responsibility!

Create a Brand

Marketing yourself is the only way in which you will get yourself more clients. While most of us aren’t too keen to talk about ourselves, you can’t expect to receive new interest if nobody knows you exist. In order to get past this, you should create a brand and be consistent. Set up your social media and allow it to represent your personal tone of voice. If you like to be serious and professional, your brand should reflect that. If you’re a little more fun-loving, be sure to let your marketing express this, too.


Another not-so-fun part of your business is the admin that comes along with it. As well as being able to keep to appointment times and set up meetings in your diary, you’ll need to be able to keep inventory, do all your bookkeeping and be prepared for any licensing you might want or need.

Revisit, Re-establish, Reward

Don’t be afraid to keep going back to the drawing board. It’s highly unlikely that absolutely everything will stick rigidly to your initial business plan. So, go with the flow and revisit your initial plans to tweak and adjust as you get to know yourself and your business.

Working to Live, Not Living to Work

As tempting as it can be, since our businesses eventually become our babies, never allow work to get in the way of enjoying your life. While your kind nature may want to bend to every possible request you get, you need to be aware of what you will and won’t do in order to create a healthy work-life balance. So, set yourself some boundaries and stick to them.


Once you’ve got these 8 tips to setting up a successful hair extension business down, we’re sure you will absolutely rock your new career. Remember to always keep your head up and don’t forget to keep checking back in with your mentor (and this website) to discover new ways to market your business.