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Looking into hair extension training can be a daunting task – especially if you’re coming in from a career change or even a life break. Of course, we at Maxwell Melia know that learning all of your hair extension techniques from us is an investment in your future. However, we also understand that – sometimes – hearing it from the extension training provider themselves isn’t enough. That’s why we’ve got in contact with three of our past students, to hear what they had to say about our courses, why they loved them and the difference it has made to their lives. If you’re looking for honest Maxwell Melia reviews, then look no further and read on to discover more about the experience that Edward, Jade and Sam all had with Maxwell Melia.

Life Before Hair Extension Training with Maxwell Melia

Edward started off with a keen interest in hair and beauty, leading to him opening his own salon. Following an increase in demand, he recognised the growing market for hair extensions with his clients and felt it was time to expand his knowledge. This would enable him to add additional services to his business and increase his profit. Meanwhile, Sam had been working in network marketing. However, she also saw the potential for boosting her income, while being able to work on a flexible timescale to suit her family. After a chat with Emily, the owner and training provider of Maxwell Melia, she decided it was time to take the plunge. Jade had always had an interest in hair in beauty but, had been put off by well-meaning family and friends at a young age. After having her daughters, she knew that this was an area she still wanted to pursue – but didn’t want to give up this precious time with her young children. After considerable research, she decided to take the plunge with Maxwell Melia.

How Did You Find Maxwell Melia?

Sam The owner of Maxwell Melia, Emily, had actually been doing my hair extensions for years. Obviously, I loved the results and completely trusted that she was more than capable of training others, especially with all the great reviews. It seemed like the most natural thing in the world to start hair extension training, myself. Edward I had been looking online and the main reason I chose this hair extension training company over any others was due to the reviews, online. It was easily one of the top-rated options in the country. Jade I had been searching for a long time- but it was actually my mum who had tagged me in one of the competitions that had been running on the Maxwell Melia Facebook Page. After so long wondering whether it would be for me, it wasn’t until I found Maxwell Melia that it only took 24 hours for me to book onto a course!

What Did You Think of Your Hair Extension Training?

Sam I found the trainers to be very helpful, they had the answers to any questions I had. There were a few bits that I struggled with, but she made sure to keep coming back. She was always going over everything with me and making sure that I was completely comfortable with each technique before we moved on. Edward It was absolutely fantastic. I came in with so many questions about extension techniques for hair, and they had no problem answering every question I had! I didn’t have much experience and, any time I needed to stop and get my bearings, my hair extension trainer was more than willing to pause – they were great, absolutely great. Jade I did the full set of courses, which covered the five different techniques. I couldn’t believe how thorough the course was. Everything from advertising methods and social media marketing was covered, as well as the hair extension training, itself. They made sure that, by the time I was finished, I was confident enough to go out and get clients, straight away.

Life After Training in Hair Extension Techniques

Jade started her course with our instalment plan, which allowed her to pay a deposit upfront, followed by monthly instalments. We understand that, as a mum, it can be difficult to pay everything at once – we also have complete confidence that you will be earning money by the time you finish our course. This is exactly what Jade did, as she now owns her own 5-star rated business. Having already started with his own salon, Edward returned to Abra Hairdressing with the full breadth of knowledge in five new hair extension techniques. Completing everything from wedding looks to funky styles, his salon remains as popular as ever – even in a high competition area like Chester. Sam now runs her own hair extension business and has found herself plenty of new clients, purely through word of mouth. You can find her review on our YouTube channel, where she discusses the level of aftercare and support shown by Maxwell Melia.

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