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If you’ve trained in men’s hair replacement then you have taken the first step towards working with a fast-growing and rewarding new client base. The trouble is that just doing the training is not enough, you also need to market your new services. Here are our top tips to get more male clients for your salon.

Marketing to men is about more than just changing the colours of your salon and putting sports on TV, although those things can definitely help to make your male clients feel more comfortable when they arrive. You also need to reach out to them and let them know what you are doing, and when you do that you need to understand how to get their attention.

Use the right language

When you market to women you are probably used to painting a picture. You show them the life, and hair, that they aspire to and promise them they can have it in a matter of weeks. Marketing to men is a little different. 

Men don’t want to be sold a promise, instead, they want to know what the benefits are in functional language. Tell them how you will solve a problem and you will get the emotional response that you’re looking for to get more male clients. Men like to fix things, stop bad things from happening and turn negatives into positives so that’s the language to use in your marketing. You might be used to talking about the long, beautiful, soft hair that your clients can expect but in this case, it’s better to discuss how your client can fight hair loss. 

Not only that, back your claims up with proof. Numbers work well, perhaps the percentage of clients who are happy to recommend you, but testimonials and before and after pictures are good too. It’s also worth knowing that men usually prefer to think about long term solutions rather than immediate gratification, so be sure to emphasise how long your hair replacement systems can last with proper maintenance.

Events and offers

Once you’ve got your message right you’ll need to think about how to get it in front of the right people. Social media is an obvious place to start and it can work very well, provided you post regularly. You might also team up with local businesses for some cross-promotion, where you recommend them to your clients and they do the same for you. Of course, you need to choose businesses that are not competition, but do have a similar client base. A gym or sports club might be a possibility.

You can also make use of your existing client base. It’s estimated that every woman has a direct influence on about five men so your female clients could potentially bring you a lot of male custom. Make sure that they know you offer a service for men and consider starting a referral scheme so that they can earn rewards. Once they have brought a man to you he is likely to be a loyal customer so it’s worth being a little generous.

Another way to tempt men to make that first appointment is to run special promotions and events just for them. You might find that men are more comfortable coming to an evening “gents-only” event to find out more about hair loss integration than they would be talking to you one-to-one, and special offers around Father’s day are just as popular as they would be for Mother’s day.

Keep them happy

Once you have managed to get more male clients to book with you, you’ll want them to stay. Men tend to keep the same hairstyle and are used to having regular trims, so if they are happy you could have regular bookings for years and a loyal client base. You might find that it’s well worth the extra effort it takes to attract them in the first place.