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As you grow your hair extension business you might be looking to offer something different and attract a whole new group of clients, so today we are going to tell you all about Men’s Hair Replacement methods.

With 20% of men experiencing significant hair loss by the age of 20, and half of all men by age 50, men’s hair replacement systems could offer you that opportunity, widening your customer base beyond the usual female hair extension clients, and giving you something completely different to offer.

The toupe, updated

Hair is such an important part of your appearance and it really influences a person’s self-image and confidence. That’s just as true for men as it is for women and a man who finds himself losing his hair can feel very embarrassed, especially if he’s young when it happens.

In the past, male pattern baldness could only be covered by a toupe, the mainstay of many comedy sketches. These days there is a far better version that’s undetectable and stays put no matter what. So your clients can go to the gym, spend a day at the beach or even go skydiving without becoming the butt of anyone’s jokes.

How Does It Work?

After a consultation with your client, you’ll be ready to create the men’s hair replacement system. Strands of hair are threaded into a base material, which can be lace, monofilament or an artificial skin. Since each strand is attached individually they can give a very natural look, for example, a gradual and uneven hairline rather than an artificial-looking hard stop.

Once you’ve created the system it’s time to fit it to your client. The base material is glued to the scalp with a hypoallergenic adhesive so that it completely covers the area of hair loss. You’ll then cut and style the system so that it blends with your client’s natural hair, and he’ll walk away with a full head of hair that he can be proud of.

Men's Hair Replacement

Of course, that’s not the end of the story. While a hair system doesn’t need to be moved up in the way that extensions do, it does need to be removed so that both the system and your client’s scalp can be cleaned before it’s replaced. How often that happens varies depending on the type of base and which adhesive you use, it could be as often as weekly or as long as 4-6 weeks between appointments.


If you would like to find out more about hair replacement systems and how to add this service to your business, then have a look at our new Men’s Hair Replacement training course.

You could be one of the first in your area to offer this important service, making sure that your business stands out from the crowd as well as giving you a very rewarding client base to work with. If you are interested in more than just men’s hair replacement you might like to look at mesh integration systems as well, which tend to be more suitable for female clients.

Of course, we offer full training in both!