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We often think of hair loss as something that men struggle with, but the truth is that many women experience it too. Hair loss can be a result of medical conditions like alopecia. It can also be caused by treatments like chemotherapy or even ageing. You can help your clients by offering hair loss replacement systems. It’s important to choose the right system so today we are going to tell you all about crown volumiser systems.

Who are crown volumisers for?

Crown volumiser systems are a wonderful solution for clients who have up to 50% hair loss or thinning in the crown or parting area. Having said that, they must have a healthy growth of hair over the rest of their head, long enough to fit extensions. The crown volumiser system will be cut and blended into this natural hair.

These systems are popular with clients as they are relatively affordable. They are also quicker to fit than mesh integration. Some clients might choose to have a crown volumiser system and a layer of extensions as well. That way they get extra length as well as volume.

Clients can often feel that as they lose their hair they also lose confidence. They say they don’t feel like themselves anymore. Some will experience struggles with mental health. A good hair replacement system can give them back a full head of hair, helping to ease the impact of hair loss. If well cared for the system can also last for as long as two years, making it well worth investing in.

How are the systems made?

The process begins with a consultation. You will tell your client about crown volumiser systems and assess her needs. After the consultation, you will create the hair replacement system. In this case, that means tying individual strands of hair to a fine net base. The aim is to replace the top layer of hair, leaving the stronger natural hair underneath.

Using a net as the base means that your client can keep her remaining hair in place, even when it’s very thin or weak. Strands of natural hair can grow through the holes in the mesh and blend with the new strands. New and natural hair will be evenly mixed over the area covered. That means there’s no problem if your client’s hair starts to regrow, either. It will just blend in with the crown volumiser.

Wearing a crown volumiser system

Like all our hair replacement systems, wearing a crown volumiser shouldn’t feel like wearing a wig. Instead, they are firmly attached to the surrounding hair using micro links. This means there is no risk of slipping and your client can carry on with life as normal. She can style her hair in any way she wants and even go swimming.

All hair extensions need care, and a crown volumiser should be maintained every 4-6 weeks. These appointments mean that the system can be moved up where the supporting hair has grown. It’s also an opportunity for you to make sure the system is still safe and secure.

Become a Specialist

If you would like to become a hair integration specialist then our training course is for you. You’ll learn everything you need to know about crown volumiser systems. You can even choose to study mesh integration as well. We cover everything from how to conduct a consultation, to marketing and insurance. At the end of the day, you’ll leave confident that you can produce work your clients will love. As well as knowing that you can run a successful business.