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Have you ever been told you can’t work out with hair extensions? Well, let’s debunk that myth! Your clients can stay active and continue their exercise routine while flaunting their gorgeous hair extensions. Whether they’re a HIIT enthusiast, a Pilates pro or a dedicated gym-goer, we’ve got the insider tips to keep their hair extensions looking flawless during every workout.

1. Best Extensions for the Active Lifestyle

Choosing the right hair extensions for regular workouts is key. Opt for extensions that can be easily tied up and remain discreet. Tape Extensions, Nano Weave and Nano Ring Extensions are our top picks, strategically placed for effortless tying up. The Nano Weave is x5 smaller than the standard weave and was specifically designed for those who want to tie their hair up in a sleek ponytail!

However, most of the professional extension methods we offer in training are designed to stay seamlessly hidden when you decide to pull your hair back!

2. Pre-Workout Protection

Before your client hits the gym, it’s crucial to put their hair in a protective style that keeps their extensions tangle-free and away from sweat! A loose braid is a go-to, preventing tangling while maintaining comfort. Be mindful not to tie hair too tight, minimising stress on the extensions and the front hairline. Choose a silk scrunchie or spiral hair tie for gentle and comfortable securing. For intense sessions, add a stylish headband to keep sweat at bay – functional and cute!

3. Post-Workout Care Routine

After a workout, get your clients to treat their hair extensions with care. Brush through with a wide tooth comb brush to remove any tangles and evenly distribute any natural oils throughout the hair. Dry the hair if it has become wet due to sweating. This is super important to stop the hair tangling and becoming matted at the root.

If the hair needs a post-exercise cleanse, opt for a timely wash. Advise clients to use a high-quality Shampoo to ensure a thorough lather, leaving their hair feeling refreshed and nourished.

Maintaining hair extensions during regular exercise is honestly that simple! If you ever find a client unsure about hair extensions fitting in with their lifestyle make sure you go through this in their consultation. Assess their hair type, lifestyle and guide them to the best method tailored for them!