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Ever wondered about the magic behind perfectly matched hair extensions that seamlessly blend? We are unveiling the secrets of achieving beautiful locks with hair extensions. Whether you’re aiming for added volume or a pop of vibrant colour for your clients here are six top tips for colour matching and blending hair extensions seamlessly with natural hair:


1. Understand Undertones:

Undertones play a crucial role in achieving a natural and harmonious colour match. Take the time to assess whether your client has warm, cool, or neutral undertones in their natural hair. Choose extensions with a base colour that complements these undertones to ensure a flawless blend.


2. Match in correct lighting

When selecting hair extensions to match natural hair, it’s crucial to assess the colour and texture under various lighting conditions, such as natural daylight or bright, cool lighting. Natural daylight offers the most accurate representation of hair colour and texture, revealing subtle nuances and undertones that might be missed in artificial lighting. Bright, cool lighting, often found in salons or well-lit rooms, can also provide a clear view of colour matching. Under these conditions, it’s easier to discern any discrepancies in shade or texture between the extensions and natural hair, ensuring a seamless and natural blend. Taking the time to evaluate hair extensions in different lighting environments helps achieve a harmonious and undetectable integration with the wearer’s own hair.


3. Create Dimension for a Natural Look:

For clients looking to create a natural finish whilst adding volume, focus on creating dimension. By choosing multiple shades of extensions that are a shade lighter or darker than their natural hair colour, you will achieve a more natural finish. This is especially relevant for blonde hair extensions. Using one solid colour – think barbie! Using multi tonal colours – this natural beach hair. Place them strategically to enhance movement and depth, achieving a subtle yet impactful transformation.


4. Utilise Colour Rings:

Leverage colour rings to precisely match the extension shade with the client’s hair. The colour ring’s diverse array of shades ensures an accurate match, setting the foundation for flawless integration.


5. Tailored Color Matching Process:

When aiming to match hair extensions with natural hair, it’s essential to consider all colors available and select the most prominent ones. Additionally, asking the client if there are specific colors they want to avoid is beneficial; for instance, some clients prefer ash blondes over warmer tones. By incorporating client preferences and being attentive to color nuances, the process ensures a customized and satisfactory outcome. This approach allows for a seamless integration of extensions that blend effortlessly with the natural hair, meeting the client’s desired aesthetic while maintaining a cohesive look.


6. Precision Matching for Seamless Integration:

To achieve a seamless integration, it’s crucial to match the ends of the top layer of hair where the extensions will meet the natural hair. This targeted approach ensures that the extensions blend harmoniously with the existing hair, creating a cohesive look from root to tip. By focusing on the top layer, which is often the most visible part of the hair, the extensions seamlessly extend the length and volume without appearing disjointed or unnatural. This precision matching process guarantees that the extensions seamlessly integrate with the natural hair, resulting in a flawless and undetectable finish.


Remember, successful colour matching is a blend of technical expertise and intuition. By mastering these tips, you’ll elevate your ability to seamlessly integrate extensions, creating stunning and natural-looking results for your clients. All our beginner’s hair extension courses and refresher training courses cover colour matching in-depth.