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How often have you heard your clients express concerns about tangling, breakage or the longevity of their hair extensions? We get it – it’s a common topic! Making sure your clients know how to properly look after their hair extensions will not only benefit them in the long run but also means you can provide a great service to your clients by letting them know the deal! It also means that you are covered as a hair extension specialist should they come back later in the future querying any issues!

Here are 6 top tips that clients should know regarding aftercare…

  1. The Gentle Touch: Combing Wisdom for Your Clients

Guide your clients in embracing the gentle touch when combing their extensions. Recommend a soft-bristle brush or a wide-tooth comb, starting from the ends and working upwards. This simple technique prevents unnecessary tugging, ensuring a smooth, knot-free experience.

Pro Tip:

Encourage your clients to hold the hair extensions near the root while combing to reduce tension on the attachment point.


  1. The Spa Day! Nourish and Revitalise

Educate your clients on the importance of a mini-spa day for their extensions. Suggest a nourishing, sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. Emphasise avoiding the roots and bonds when applying conditioner. A weekly deep conditioning mask will keep their strands happy and hydrated.  (such as this replenishing Boost Mask)

Friendly Reminder:

Advise against hot water – lukewarm water preserves bonds and maintains essential moisture.


  1. Protective Styles for Dreamy Hair

Ensure your clients wake up to flawless hair by recommending protective styles before bedtime. A loose braid or low ponytail prevents tangling, guaranteeing a hassle-free morning routine.

Bonus Suggestion:

Suggest investing in a silk or satin pillowcase for reduced friction and minimised hair breakage during sleep. Also tell clients to use a satin hair tie!


  1. Heat, Heat, Baby: Styling Savvy

Empower your clients to style wisely. Advocate for setting styling tools to a moderate temperature and always using a heat protectant spray. This not only safeguards their extensions but also imparts a glossy finish. Take a look at this video demonstrating how quickly HOT TOOLS can fade your toner/hair colour! This can dramatically change your hair colour in just a number of washes and styling.

Styling Insight:

Encourage occasional breaks from heat styling to embrace their natural beauty.


  1. Schedule Maintenance: Regular TLC for Extensions

Stress the importance of regular maintenance with you, their stylist. These appointments ensure everything stays seamless, bonds are secure, and adjustments are made for optimal comfort.

Why Regular Checks?

Explain that extensions grow with natural hair, and adjustments keep everything looking and feeling fantastic. Natural hair shedding occurs which needs to be combed out and the section realigned. Plus, it’s an opportunity for you and your clients to catch up!


  1. Say No to Swimming Stress! Precautions for a Splashy Day

Guide your clients on pre-swim precautions. Advise wetting their hair with clean water or applying conditioner before taking a dip to limit the absorption of pool or sea water. Post-swim, a gentle wash and conditioning session will keep their extensions in top shape. Malibu C hard water treatment can be applied if any discoloration occurs.


Emphasise the importance of avoiding swimming with extensions to maintain their longevity!