➡️ You’re a high-vibin’, high-value, high-class beauty babe ⬅️

And you set up your business with big goals to…

  • Create flexible financial freedom and uncapped earning potential
  • Work with dream clients that know and respect your worth
  • Experience the experiences that have sat on your vision board for too long

👇🏼 But tell me if this sounds a little more like what’s actually happening…👇🏼

Right now you find yourself just getting by on your current client roster, or you’re fully-booked but burnt-out. Either way you can’t see how to increase your income. You look around and you see other’s doing “way better” than you… but you can’t understand why

💰 Maxwell Mastery is the missing link between
you and making more money!💰

Babe, I’m talking to you if…

❌  You spend your precious evenings booking in clients and replying to ‘window shopper’ DMs

❌  You’re done with offering ‘free consultations’, only for potential clients to rarely convert or haggle your pricing

❌  You’re sick of offering all the offers, discounts and bundles… but never seeing your income increase

❌  You get tons of interest, but you don’t know what to say or how to manage price objections 

❌  You don’t want to spend another minute looking at your socials with no clue how to engage or what to post next

❌  You’ve been fully-booked but can’t bring yourself to increase your pricing for fear of losing clients!



Girl, breathe. I’ve been there – done that, got the coffee-stained t-shirt.

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Hi – I’m Emily

Owner + Founder of Maxwell Melia

Before being able to take monthly trips, buy my dream renovation project and build a custom salon in my garden (working just 2.5 days a week!)…

I was exactly where you are right now.

I started my hair extension journey right out of uni, with absolutely NO previous experience. The first couple of years I had barely any clients. Everyday I was putting miles on my car, charging way less than I was worth and working all of the hours… only to barely see a change in my bank balance, no matter how hard I worked or how many sets of extensions I went through.

The very next year I was fully booked for the entire year. Before too long, I was earning over 6-figures a year fitting Hair Extensions 🤯

With over 12 years in the industry, a successful stint in network marketing and my own training academy – I’ve learned more than a thing or two about how to create communities, leverage your learnings and build a booked out business… without burning out.

Maxwell Mastery is your shortcut

Ready to change the game in your Hair Extension biz?


🌟 Become fully-booked without burnout

🌟 Roadmap consistent £10k months in just 10 weeks

🌟 Get visible as the ‘go to’ specialist in your niche

🌟 Increase your prices, decrease your admin and maximise your time!


>>> 10 week container

Fast to implement and easy to execute, your 10 week training will take you from burned out to booked out – whilst up to 10x-ing your profits!


>>> 5 expert modules

Pre-recorded in your private-access-anytime portal, take in your trainings at your own pace  as they’re released.


>>> 5 live Q+A calls

Join your fellow Mastery babes every other week, for a 60 minute live call with me. Bring your personalised business q’s and receive real-time advice and tips


>>> Templates, scripts + social goodies!

A resource vault at your fingertips! From client-boundaries scripts to copy+paste DM responses – save time and convert new clients with ease.


>>> Hot seat coaching

Like having a 1:1 coach, but without the pricepoint. Receive dedicated, personalised and bespoke coaching inside a 10 week, supportive programme. 


>>> Facebook support squad

Get 24/7 support from your Facebook community who are ready to cheer your on, support your dreams and hold space for your uplevel.


Building an empire can feel a little lonely…
but you don’t have to go it alone!



🌟 Bonus 1: Pricing calculator

Want a simple personalised price list that aligns with your costs, dreams and goals? And yes… you can keep it forever!

🌟 Bonus 2: Guest Expert KTS Accountants

Dread admin and accounts day? Kerri will clear the chaos.

🌟 Bonus 3: Canva Templates, Captions and DM Scripts

Mental block when it comes to converting clients or creating captains? Let these done-for-you assets do the work

Your pay-in-full bonus.

Pay £1,497 and receive:

🌟 BONUS 1:1 Session 🌟

>>> Create a roadmap to  success in your business with Emily, or craft a bespoke session with Shaz to create viral content for you and your clients <<<

[WORTH: £497]

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Babe, I created this for you because I know you’re worth more than mediocre money and being burnt-out by your beauty biz. 

It’s time for us to change up the industry and to stop letting feeling frazzled be the ‘new normal’.

The UK beauty industry is worth over £27 billion – so where’s your slice of that?

I went it alone – and yes, I did get to 6-figure years and living my dream life… but it took me 12 years of hard graft. It simply doesn’t have to be that way – take it from the ladies you’ve heard from on this page 😉

Imagine a flexible beauty business that…

★ Allows you to take vacations, knowing that bookings are on auto-pilot and deposits are flying in whilst you sun-it-up…

★ Affords you not just the nice car, new house or fancy handbag, but the opportunity to treat your friends and family too

★ Runs like clockwork, with beautiful socials, a slick client experience and an easy-peasy-admin system…


Your portal and call recordings are accessible forever. The programme is designed so that you can complete a module per week, with a coaching + implementation week in between. If you get stuck, you can receive support inside your private Facebook community.

If you’re happy making what you’re making and working in the way you’re currently working… then this is not for you. Maxwell Mastery is exclusively for women who want to grow, scale and step out from under their beauty businesses, so they can make more money, in less time.

Aside from my 12 years of experience in the industry and 6 years of teaching… I never stop learning myself (and yeah, I’ve spent probably over £65k in training and coaching!). I explore everything that’s out there so our courses can always include more. We strive to produce the very best and most detailed trainings available.

If you’re unavailable for a Q+A call, you can submit your questions beforehand and watch the replay. All calls are recorded.

Of course! If you’re a serviced-based biz, this will be invaluable to you! There are a couple of trainings and examples that use the Hair industry – but these skills are transferable to all client-based businesses!

We get asked this question A LOT! So many of you increase your income so much in the first month, that you just want to pay it all off! You can pay your instalments in your online account any time – and you’ll still bag the pay in full bonus this way too!

Gorg, you just need to click this link right here and select your payment plan!

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