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Do you follow any beauty blogs? It can be easy to lose inspiration in any industry. You can find yourself doing the same things and getting bored with creating the same styles. Following other experts’ blogs and social media feeds can give you a much-needed boost! Here are our top 5 beauty blogs, each one unique.

Beauty that runs deep

Hayley Hall is also known as the London Beauty Queen and runs a blog that’s one of the best around. She covers everything from product reviews to style guides and tips for brides. Not only that, but Hayley also discusses important topics like mental health.

Hayley is a gorgeous, fun-loving, style icon that just happens to be over thirty and plus-sized as well. Her philosophy is that beauty comes from being happy and healthy and her blog reflects that in every way.

Much more than fashion tips, Hayley shares a lifestyle we can all aspire to.

The blog: Hayley Hall

YouTube: Hayley Hall UK

Instagram: hayleyhall_uk

Combining Beauty and Baby

Lily Pebbles is a pioneer in beauty blogging. A horde of loyal fans follow her blog and youtube channel, for beauty reviews and style advice.

Lily’s Youtube channel covers updates on her life, along with unboxing videos. Her blog has focused more on makeup reviews. As a new mum, Lily has now widened her focus to include baby products and advice as well.

The perfect blog for any young mum who wants to do the best for her baby, and look her best at the same time!

The blog: Lily Pebbles

YouTube: Lily Pebbles

Instagram: lilypebbles

Tips from a Makeup Artist

Lisa Eldridge is a makeup artist and her blog gives you all her professional tips and tricks. There are hundreds of posts which you can dive into to learn all about makeup and skincare.

It’s not only Lisa’s voice that you’ll hear though. This top beauty blog includes tips from Lisa’s famous Hollywood clients. Her Youtube videos include collaborations with some top names in the beauty industry. Following Lisa will give you in-depth information on makeup and beauty, from all angles.

The Blog: Lisa Eldridge

YouTube: Lisa Eldridge

Instagram: lisaeldridgemakeup

Hair and Makeup

Shirley B Eniang runs Shirley’s Wardrobe. A great beauty blog for anyone who wants to feel more confident and accept themselves for who they are.

She features easy to follow makeup tutorials and haul videos. Alongside some very well thought out and informative product reviews. Shirley’s wardrobe is the place to go for anyone who wants to try a bold new makeup look but isn’t sure where to start.

The Blog: Shirley’s Wardrobe

YouTube: Shirley B. Eniang 

Instagram: shirleybeniang

Style Inspiration

Samantha Maria has a degree in fashion styling and her skill certainly shows. Her blog is the go-to place for inspiration on your personal style. She includes lookbooks, beauty advice and some very relatable and down to earth chats.

Samantha shares her inspiration and outfits. She also talks about her personal style as it constantly evolves. On Youtube, you’ll find her travel adventures alongside makeup videos, product reviews, and unboxing videos.

The Blog: Samantha Maria

YouTube: Samantha Maria

Instagram: samanthamariaofficial

Why follow bloggers?

Following top beauty, blogs are about more than just idle scrolling. You can take a lot from them to give your own business a boost.

Trends from the world of fashion or makeup can give you ideas to use in your hair salon. You’ll get inspiration without any risk of copying someone else’s work. It’s a great way to stay on top of the latest trends, but give them your special twist.

Successful bloggers are also a great place to look for marketing tips. Which of their social media posts catch your eye? Which ones get the most engagement from their audience? Are there particular blog topics that always get you reading? Of course, you would never copy a post, but noticing what works well for them can give you lots of ideas for your feed.

Would you like some more ideas to make your social posts stand out and start attracting a bigger following of your own? Check out our free social media guide. It’s packed full of our top tips that will have your social media feeds buzzing in no time.

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